Twitter | callback URL

The URL below is used as a generic redirect URL on Instagram and Facebook plugin.

then what is a generic redirect URL on Twitter plugin?

When I used the URL, I got a error message below.
Callback URL not approved for this client application. Approved callback URLs can be adjusted in your application settings.

Twitter uses OAUTH not OAUTH2. Bubble doesn’t do OAUTH only OAUTH2.

So if you are wanting your users to signup via Twitter, I don’t think it is going to work.

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Thank you for the feedback.

But I see an option to let my users sign in via Twitter.

I mean on the Bubble side.

Twitter can be used to sign into applications of course. But I don’t think it works on the Bubble end. At least not with an awful lot of work.

You can use Twitter APIs from your App in Bubble, but that is by using the Keys from YOUR Twitter account.

Oh I see.

So this Twitter plugin won’t work like Instagram and Facebook plugin…

Actually, am misleading you here. Sorry.

So you can log in with Twitter, but you can’t tweet etc. All you can do is retrieve Twitter login details and list of Tweets.

The redirect you need to add is the page that your “logon with social network” button is on. Without the “debug” as it will get lost when it comes back.

Again, apologies for overcomplicating it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment!

What I wanted to add on my app is the login-function, so I’m glad to hear that.

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Sorry for again.

I’m still getting in trouble with the callback URL.

I tried and

But they don’t work for login-function.

Do you know any suggestions?

The callback URL needs to be the page that the “Signup/Login with Twitter” action is called from.


So in this case the action is on a page called twitter2 in the trese11 app.

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Thank you so much!

It works!!

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Hey all! For this Twitter callback, I won’t actually be able to add it to a popup then since the specific page needs to be added as a callback URL?

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I’ve setup Facebook and Google social login fine.

For Twitter I keep getting “Error connecting to Twitter: {“errors”:[{“code”:32,“message”:“Could not authenticate you.”}]}”

I’m aware there is no “generic redirect URL” on the Twitter plugin (yet or not).

I’ve added all possible redirect possible for testing (quite annoying as login can happen on a bunch of pages)

I’ve setup the plugin with Twitter Dev App’s Consumer API keys (API key and API secret key)

Access permission: Read and write
Additional permissions: Request email address

No Access token & access token secret

Any thoughts?

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OK fixed itself :sweat_smile:

I added my consumer key and secret key to live settings in the plugin… I guess the “- dev.” is faulty!

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I spoke too soon, email address does not get retrieved, and it’s impossible to assign it afterwards as it’s not in the Twitter’s plugin’s response @Bubble

Yeah I ran into the same problem with the email (while also still just not getting the login auth to work) and just nixed it from login possibilities altogether for now @cwmoss

Not sure what was happening!

Email is a separate scope on the oauth call.

So either Bubble’s plugin is not requesting it, or it is not returning the email in the user call.

The latter could be because of the set up of your App on twitter. Twitter won’t return email address if you haven’t filled in the Privacy urls.

You could try calling account/verify_credentials yourself to see what comes back ?

Hey @joe5 were you able to implement signup/login with twitter? What callback url did you end up using?

EDIT: See post below with URL callback solution for logging in

Hey JC! what callback url did you get to work? I never did figure that out. Wasn’t a big priority at the time :slight_smile:

Hahaha I should’ve included that @joe5 :

So I did some digging thru their API docs and StackOverflow. The callback URL you should be using is the URL of where the “thing” is located. That “thing” being the URL of the page where your “Signup/Login” button is located.

I added three callback URLs because I have a “login”; “signup”; and “settings” pages where I have such button or “thing” located.

I tried both “Login” and “Settings” URL callbacks and they worked without a hitch.

I’m testing now the “Signup” call back will post results later today.

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Ah yeah! That makes sense and is why I had issues.

If I remember correctly I have a ton of pages so I had to throw the login/signup in the reusable header and that made it impossible to add that specific pages callback to the list because they only allow 10 total url’s but my pages are dynamic :sob:

I like just having a dynamic login in the nav bar instead of a single page for it. Oh well :slight_smile: