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Have the Facebook Login Plugin working, setup with the generic redirect URL option Bubble provides and added such URL on Facebook’s end because if I don’t do so it returns an error. I’ve been trying to find a way around this! So I can’t put any other page as a redirect page because it give me an error. And when it does redirect with the generic URL provided by bubble, it sends users back to the sign up page and it doesn’t even recognize the user is logged in (only in the mobile version, desktop version works fine). So user has to close the app and open it again for the app to refresh and go to page that is only accessible after Log In.
Any suggestions XD ?

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Hey @janjofe

Did you used generic link ?

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Yes, i don’t think you’re understanding me. Everything works fine with that redirect url, the problem is that this specific URL sends users back to the sign up page rather than the page they’re supposed to go to after the user is authenticated. As the user gets sent back to the SIGN UP page, the app doesn’t recognize the User is logged in either because I have a workflow that is supposed to take them to another page when the user is signed in. So the only way it works is if users close the app and then reopen it, because it is refreshed and identifies the logged in user.

So my question is, is there any way to put another page as the redirect page?

Thanks for answering!

Try setting this workflow in your sign up page

When the page is loaded and user is logged in --> Go to the page you want. This way when Facebook redirects back to sign up page and the sign up page will send to the page you want.

If you’ve done this and still not working. Maybe because of this

Just leave the mobile version blank

Thanks for the response, will try out. Also, regarding the mobile version check, how would this work? My whole app is interactive when determining whether the user is using a desktop or a mobile device.

Tried both recommendations, still no luck :frowning:
Thanks for the help tho!

@janjofe try to create new test page with signin and test there if user will signin

If it will help that mean that there can be some bubble issue that you will need to open bug report or to check step-by-step where can be issue

Anyone solved this problem?
I’m in the same situation and actually my user asked me “Did I login correctly ??”