"Type of thing" is missing from custom workflow event

I’m following a tutorial to create a custom event and I need to specify a type of thing. In the tutorial, he just clicks on it to add it:

However, in my environment, when I create a custom event, that option is missing:

Why doesn’t mine have that option?

Hello @brenton.strine

First concept that you kindly described is an … Event

The second concept is a … Custom Event

… They are two different things :smiley:


In the tutorial (https://youtu.be/fdJVZeLcsNo?t=1207) his exact words are

“lets create a new custom event”

and then he does exactly what you show screenshots of.

That is also exactly what I’m doing in my app.

Before he edits his event, the title is “Create a custom event…

He is talking about a Custom Event, and so am I.

Ok got it thanks. :grimacing:

Bubble recently changed custom events in a major way. This is way the box looks different.

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Thank you, that solved it for me. I created a new parameter and named it “Current workflows XYZ” and then was able to use it within the event as described in the tutorial.


This new function rocks! :smiley:

It will enable us to build better Bubble logic. :rocket:

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Love it. Wish they kept the old documentation around so it would show up in search results, and add a note pointing to the new way of doing things, but that’s what the forums are for, I guess.

But I will always favor them improving the features over being perfectly backwards compatible.

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Yeap. They are continuously improving this awesome visual language. Not an easy task for sure.

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