UI/ UX designer required for responsive design of a web app on Bubble

Peapod helps parents provide their kids with world-class childcare at a fraction of the cost of traditional options. Childcare is one of the largest costs faced by parents and we are not willing to compromise on quality.

When our childcare closed down due to COVID, we formed a ‘pod’ of four families, hired a teacher and rotated hosting the kids at our houses. We were able to find a very experienced teacher and pay them significantly more at a far lower cost to each family compared to our normal pre-school. It was a lot of tedious work to coordinate everyone’s schedules, manage payments and we were making up the curriculum as we went along. But the care for our kids was fantastic and we couldn’t believe how much money we were saving! We needed to share this and so Peapod was born. Peapod makes it easy for parents to create their own ‘pod’ including finding other families, hiring vetted and rated teachers, providing a world-class curriculum and making it easy to coordinate all the day-to-day details.

We’d like to build a web app, optimized for mobile, that:

  1. Allows families to form pods and match with other families in their neighborhood, and add a caregiver
  2. Allows families to manage the weekly schedule and jointly pay caregivers
  3. Allows families and caregivers to access a curriculum for young children that will be updated weekly with a theme, goals for the week and links to relevant content.

We’ve found an agency that can start development of our MVP on Bubble.io on August 10th, and in the meantime, would like to find a freelance UI/ UX designer to do the application design so we can get moving quickly. We need someone with expertise in responsive design on Bubble, who can do the actual responsive page designs in Bubble, and hand over to the agency on August 10th. We are in the final stages of a logo design, and will have a logo & brand guide ready to go in the next day or so.


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SparkDev is an experienced team of developers and will be happy to help you with UI/UX and responsive design.

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