Unable adjusting App Text

Hello everyone.

I have a feature in the app that allows users to pick the interface language.
I use “App text” to achieve this and have a column in the Users table which is a lang option set.

The interface is never translated using App Text based on what the user picked.

Am I missing anything?

Explanation: https://youtu.be/iEGsLyzY_X0

Hi there, @vovahumnytskiy… I watched your video, and I was able to recreate the issue you are seeing. The fix should actually be pretty simple. On the Settings >> Languages tab, set the Attribute for language field dropdown to Code. Then, in your option set, change the code attribute for the French option from fr-fr to fr_fr (i.e., change the dash to an underscore, and make the same change for the English code, too, if you used a dash in that code). At that point, it should work as expected (which I know because, again, I tested it myself).

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, @mikeloc.

Strange that I didn’t notice that in “Languages” codes are spelled with underscores.

Thanks for your time and help.

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