Unable to access data source from Reusable data

Hi ,
I am new to Bubble . I am facing issues in accessing data from parent page to reusable element.

My Steps:
I have a page with reusable element in it . I have added data source in parent page . I created same type in Reusable element as well . Now i am trying to access the data from reusable element like parentgroup’s details and it is coming as empty .

Let me know how to proceed on this

Three ways:

Custom states
Custom events inside the reusable that can be accessed from the outside via the action “trigger a reusable element custom event”
Url parameters

Explore how these work :+1:t2:

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Were you able to figure this out? I’d like to trigger Login workflow from another button outside of the reusable header. I defined a custom event inside my reusable header for Login. Now when I trigger that same event from outside the reusable element I’m not able to make it work. It’s complaning about the password not entered even though I have done that. It works fine if I click on the button within the reusable header.

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