Current Page's Things Data in a Reusable Element

Hi together,

I stumbled upon a challenge that I can’t seem to solve. I created a reusable popup that I need to trigger from various buttons. However, this popup needs to fetch the data from the current page’s thing (Which is in the url as a slug).

How can I access this data from a reusable, to display the thing’s data in the popup? I tried to play around with parent groups’ thing. But this does not work unfortunately…

Glad for any help! :slight_smile:

Just set the datasource to the current page's thing

Hi Adam,

thanks for your help! As it turns out, this doesn’t work as intended. As reusable elements can be on literally any page, it’s not possible to select the option “current page’s thing”… or am I missing something here?


Yes, you’re missing something it seems…

You can only set the data source for a Reusable Element when you actually add it to a page…

So that’s what you do… i.e. when you add it to your page you set its data source to the current pages thing (the same as you would with any other type of group).

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Uff it finally worked… Thanks!!! My problem was a little bit more complicated because I had a reusable element in a reusable element in the reusable header. So it took me some trying to cascade the information down properly. :slight_smile:

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