Unable to edit displayed data after it has been loaded from Database

Having an issue updating my saved form. I have set a button to load data from the database to display in input text.
But when I go to edit the loaded data, data which is not touched gets deleted when the form is saved.
In my workflow I have make changes to thing > Set state.

Does anyone know a fix for this? How can I edit displayed data in input text without losing the other displaying texts on the same screen?

So for example:
click [button - show user info]

First name:
Last name:

Age: 20

Edit the above to:

First name:
Tom Anderson

Last name:

click [Button- update info]


First name:

Tom Anderson

Last name



The edited data is displayed and the pre-existing data vanishes from the database (in this case, age)

EDIT: screenshot of workflow for the save button: Screenshot, 2022-02-11 22:29:39 - Paste.Pics

Can u share any screenshot of your workflow to edit data?

Hi Newed,

This is a screenshot of the workflow for the save button. Ignore the conditional, it has nothing.