Edit Form From URL Data

I have a form. Easy.

Once the form is saved it is displayed in a card on the dashboard. Easy.

If the user wants to edit the card they can select it, and I pass all data to the form filled with the user’s data via “Get Title From page URL”. Easy. (“Title” being the input)

Where it falls apart is when the user makes revisions and tries to save the new content in place of the old content. I have tried “Make Changes To A Thing…” to my update button in every way I know, but I can not overwrite the old data with the new.

Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated.

If I understand correctly you’re getting an input’s value from the url, correct? Why not use a url parameter for the form thing and then reference that in each input.

I believe I tried that, but it is a fresh day so let me try again and I’ll get back to you.

This is driving me nuts. I feel like this should be easier than I am making it but I just can’t get the edited page to save.
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 10.43.33 AM
I start by sending the proper data from the card by send more parameters to the form edit page.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 10.44.09 AM
II have set up each input to display the proper data from the the URL.

![Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 10.44.34 AM|334x175]
Then I am trying to save the edited data and not only does it not overwrite the old content but it is not saving at all.

Did you go through the workflow step by step with the debugger? Are there privacy rules on the Hypothesis Definition datatype that are interfering?

I got it finally, and yes it was much simpler than I was making it.
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 11.11.22 AM

Setting the current page and then just doing the same saving everything the same way as before.