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Not all users shows up in user list

I have a repeating group which searches for users. I have three users but when I test it it’s only the current user that I am logged in to who shows up in the list. Please help how do i make that all users shows in the list?

This is the users i have in the database:

This is how the list/ repeating group is:

This is how the list looks when i test it (I’m logged in as “User”)

Sry for my bad enlish.

Hi there, @johan.elmeklo… I’m all but certain (based on the number of these posts that come up these days) that a privacy rule on the User data type is stopping the users from being shown. So, check out your privacy rules and see if that is the case. If there is a rule such as This User is Current User on the User data type, delete the rule to see if that fixes the issue. Keep in mind, though, that privacy rules are important, so you should definitely read up on them and learn how to use them effectively.

Hope this helps.


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Hi, it worked. I had accidentally created a privacy rule. Thank you so much!


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