Unable to reset certain inputs with 'Reset relevant inputs' action

Hello everyone,

I recently encountered an issue with the “Reset relevant inputs” action in my Bubble application. It seems that the action does not automatically reset all inputs used in the workflow, and instead requires a specific condition to be met in order to reset certain inputs.

For example, in my workflow I was using a multiline input, and the “Reset relevant inputs” action was not resetting this input unless I included a condition that mentioned the multiline input specifically. Without this condition, the action had no effect.

To work around this limitation, I found that I could add a condition to the “Reset relevant inputs” action that mentions the specific input I wanted to reset. For example, I could use a condition like “If Input Claim multiline input is empty or not empty, then reset relevant inputs.” This effectively tells the action to always reset the relevant inputs.

I think it would be helpful if the “Reset relevant inputs” action allowed users to specify the inputs they want to reset, with the “Only when” conditional being optional. This would make it easier to use the action and would save users the extra step of having to add a specific condition for each input.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, or have any thoughts on this suggestion?

Thanks for your help!

Hello @connor2 !

The solution is use “Reset group data” instead “Reset relevant inputs”, you can see here:

Editor link:

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I tried this, but it’s not resetting the multiline input. It seems I can only point the Reset group data action at groups, not at elements

Put the multi line input inside a group. Reset data for that group.


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