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Unable to see all users


I am trying to create a dropdown in a page in my app that allows the users to select from a list of all the users of the app. Each user has an “Organisation ID”, or “UUID”, so that multiple organisations can use the app at the same time.

For some reason the only user that shows up in the list of users is the user that is currently logged in. Even removing the restriction of organisation code does not populate the list any further.

Can anyone advise what i am doing wrong?


Hi there, @tom3… the behavior you are seeing is almost certainly related to a privacy rule (likely This User is Current User) on the User data type. If you see such a rule in place, try removing it to see if that produces the desired behavior. You can always circle back and add one or more new rules later.


Thanks Mike, you hit the nail on the head there. The privacy rule “This user is current user” was applied, as soon as i removed it I could see everyone.

Thanks for your help!

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