Unable to sort by data in a RG when the DB entry is actually a different data type

Hi All,

I am displaying data from the DB in a RG. While setting up the sorting conditions I have come across an issue that I am not able to figure out. I have no problem until I would like to sort by a data that is actually a different data type, because there is no option to sort by those data types.
Is there a trick for this to be able to do it somehow?

Not able to sort by Stage as it is a Deal Stage data type.

Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi @vflorian19,

I am interested in your use-case.

What does your Deal Stage data type include or look like?

And how do you want to sort your repeating group e.g. numerically, chronologically (dates) or alphabetically?

Would appreciate those details to send you a proper solution.


Hi @TipLister,

Thanks for your reply.
Here is the screenshot of the Deal stage data type:
Would like to sort all the Bookings in the RG by the Stage name alphabetically.

Thank you.


Hi @vflorian19,

Good to hear back from you!

Unfortunately, as of now you can currently not sort by a foreign key. (like your stage name)

You must therefore, simply

  1. Add a column “Stage name” to your bookings table.

  2. As soon as you get to your “sort by” within your “Do a search for Bookings” you’ll see the new column appearing.

(This thread only confirms that it is on the roadmap but not yet implemented:
Sorting or Ordering by a Foreign Key)

I hope you can make it work this way!

Let me know if it’s unclear or did the job for you.


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