Understanding related data - User | Pets

Good afternoon - we are beginning the build of our app on Bubble, and we are having a newbie problem. We have two data types for now:


Setting up the data types, I added a field to the “Pet” for the owner, which was had a data type of User (for now, stating that was not a list). Testing that out when entering a new pet, that seemed to work fine - it searched for a user when entering text in that field, and seemed to work as intended.

Help me understand the creation of field in the “User” dataype that will list the pets connected to that user. I created a field of type “Pet”, and had that be a list. Nevertheless, when viewing the data for a user that field does not display the name of pet that is connected to that user.

Can anyone help me understand what I’m doing incorrectly?

I will put a demo up for you

Oh - that would be awesome.

Give me 5 minutes

Sorry I got a bit distracted, the additional data type Pet: Images, is to hold a list of images for any pet, it’s useful to keep this seperate as not to slow down your bubble app with big images whenever you do a search for pet records.

I also added privacy rules for you as a demo purpose.

Fantastic, @nocodeventure . Really appreciate you setting this up for me to explore!

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Okay, so I think I understand a basic concept now. I was thinking that, while editing a Pet record and adding a user to that Pet - that would automatically show that relationship when viewing the data in a User record.

Adding a relationship to another datatype has to be done in each of the related records?