Database issue with data type

Hi all,

I am currently working on a app with I love the possibilities so far. However, I am currently running into an issue that I cannot seem to fix myself. It is probably easy to fix! So the issue is this:

My users are created with the Data Type ‘User’ which consists of a field named ‘Name’ which is a text field. I use this field to project a users name in the application. However, I am now trying to implement a followers system. I added a ‘List of users’ to the data type User. However whenever I try to add a users name (which is a text) to the ‘List of Users’ Followers I get the error that the name is a text and not a user. Unfortunately I cannot simply change the field of ‘Name’ from a text to a user because then I cannot display the users name in a text field.

How can I fix this?

You need to simply at the User, not the users name, to the list of users.

When I do that, nothing gets added to the list of users.

In this instance, you are saying, “I’m looking at Bob’s Profile page. When I click follow, it should add me to Bob’s list of followers.” Is that what you’re intending?

Yes, that is what I am intending. Because the profile page changes depending on who the current page user is (navigated by clicking on a element). There is a button and when it is pressed I want it to add the user that is looking at anothers users profile to be added to that users list of followers.

Yeah, that should work. The first step in debugging this one is to make sure you’re actually logged in with a user. Sometimes when previewing an app from your editor, you aren’t actually logged in as anyone. Can you verify that you’re logged in?

The second step: how do you know the workflow isn’t working?

I am logged in with a different user then the profile I am viewing. And I check at my database to see if there is a new entry in the list but there isn’t. When I debug I don’t see anything happen either.

Anybody out there that has any idea why my users isn’t being added to the list of followers?

If you run the workflow while in debug mode, you’ll be able to see exactly what Bubble is doing so you can figure out where the problem is coming from.

Do do this, simply add ?debug_mode=true to the end of the URL (and access the page while you’re also logged into the editor, which is one of Bubble’s security measures to make sure your visitors can’t use debug_mode on your site)

It says it adds the user to the list but when I check in the database it remains empty?

Did you make sure the list to change is grabbing the right item? (You can select that during debug mode to see which item it’s grabbing).

Yes, you can see it in the picture above.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a fix. Anybody out there willing to help?

Can you provide a link to your editor?