Unique Elements em Dropdown list - API Connector Sheety

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Estou com dificuldades em utilizar o Unique Elements em um Dropdown List que obtem os dados de um planilha.

Aparentemente está tudo correto, porém não está tendo resultados, segue imagem:

Desde já, grato!

Hope you’ll understand english :wink:
Switch the type of choices to be “text”
Change the choice source to be …resultadoDoMacro’s name:unique element
Change option caption for current option


I’m using Google Translate, sorry!

Using your option really works, but it causes conflict in all Inputs that get Dropdown data via API


Your issue is probably related on how you work with data from your dropdown.
You will probably need to do a search or something like that now to filter the data you want.
You could consider set the data into a date (the API Payload).
Use data from the State and select the correct field with the text type like you do in the new setting
And after, Use the state again to display the telefonecelular information using :filtering to select the correct item in the list

I don’t have the capacity for that :face_with_head_bandage:

Probably someone can help you here:

There’s also a lot of video on how to use state that can probably help you