Unique url slug for each option set on a dynamic page?


I have one page that shows different content each time a different tab is clicked. These tabs are set to different option sets. I want to know how to add a slug to the url each time I select an option set.

So for example the page is mysite.com/about and then I click an option set and the url becomes mysite.com/about/1 and when I click another option set it becomes mysite.com/about/2

Is this possible?

Yes, this can be done.

You can use URL router plugin from zeroqode or browser plugin from copilot :slight_smile: :computer:

Ok thanks will check those out. So it is not possible using Bubble alone?

Nope, you need one of this plugins

Cool man, i’ve installed the zeroqode one, seems perfect

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You could try out Bubble’s Slugs feature, but that’s with data, not option sets.

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Will check that out too. thanks for the link

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