Unleashing Creativity: A Plea for a Rich Text Editor in the Plugin Editor 🚀

Hey Bubble

I’ve been bubbling around here for quite some time, and I must say, the latest updates to our beloved platform are nothing short of fantastic! But, alas, I come bearing a tiny quibble - a microscopic pebble in my shoe, if you will. :thinking:

As a new plugin builder, I yearn to share the awesomeness of my creations with you all. However, it seems that the plugin editor is still clinging to the past, offering only a simple multiline input, accompanied by a smattering of emojis. :cry:

We’ve all seen how magnificent the templates page is, right? Images, headings, and other similar things make it a piece of (cup)cake :cupcake: to understand a template’s features and functions. So, I humbly ask - why can’t our plugins enjoy the same luxury? 🤷

Picture this: a Rich Text Editor for plugins. Headings, images, links, and more, all at our fingertips, allowing us to craft the most exquisite descriptions and instructions for our plugins. Users would be dancing with joy as they navigate our beautiful, professional-looking plugin pages. :dancer::man_dancing:

Now, I know that introducing a Rich Text Editor might not happen as quickly as I can say “Bubble rocks!” :guitar:, but I genuinely believe it would be a notable change for our community. So, fellow plugin builders and users, let’s rally together! Share your thoughts, and let’s see if we can make this dream a reality. :star2:

Thank you for lending me your virtual ears. I eagerly await your thoughts on this matter. :raised_hands:

Wishing you all an enjoyable day! :rocket:

Best regards,

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Definitely something that’s needed to help improve our plugin documentation pages!

I’ve got something in the works that I’m putting together at https://pluglate.com to help manage plugins and templates including a rich text editor for this exact reason!

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Excellent work.

According to the current situation, we have to find a solution for this issue.

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