Unlimited External Bubble Database - Full Notion [Notion CRUD]

Create powerful database setups and applications. Take advantage of Notions unlimited database size, and add more functionality to your forms, and workflows.

:arrow_right: Features

  • Create Database/page
  • Query a Database/page
  • Edit or modify a database/page
  • Delete a database/page


  • Blocks
  • Full Search
  • Users

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5.1.1 - Public Release


Hello friends. I have lowered the price from $16 to $9 one time. Enjoy!

Also, if anyone has any particular requests, let me know. I’m building a bit more functionality soon when I get back from vacation!


Hey there Ghost, great start, perfect price, just wondering if you’re still maintaining this, or might make updates in the near future?

What are you looking for in terms of updates/improvements?

I have been working on some rewrites and other plugins atm, so I haven’t prioritized this, for that I apologize.

Hello everyone!

I have added a new update:

You may now display your Notion pages on your Bubble app!

Here is a demo.

Use the element “[GC] PageDisplay” and enter in your Page ID. It’s that easy!

** Make sure your page is set to public for it to work. If requested I can add authenticated page pulls later on.

Hi there, whenver I try to add in a page id, it always defaults to your demo page.

Example ID: 59c0f1c5e255424993d405c5526cbad7

Do you know why this might not be working?

I have released a new update to fix this issue! Thanks for your patience.

Do you know when you are going to support private pages?

Hello! I may be able to get this added in sometime within the next week or so. I have clients I am currently working with right now so I am limited in time. FYI your pages may be set to public, but they are not discoverable without a direct link. You can setup privacy on when the data should load in your app itself, if that will hopefully work for the time-being.

There is a way I can do it, but I may have to rework the system a bit to work as expected.

Some advice for now – since I’ve been using this (I use it outside of Bubble mostly), I have been setting private pages to public to render the page still. The only way someone can access your public pages are if they have a link. There is no way to generate it on their end. They could try to guess but it’ll take them quite some time.

I’d recommend trying that. Assure you’re not indexing your pages you have private that you’re setting to public.

Upcoming update announcement:
I have decided to add some more functionality to this plugin. For that reason, I will be raising the price in about a week.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! :slight_smile: