[NEW PLUGIN] *FREE* Display your Notion Page on your Bubble Apps!


Hello guys, I’ve decided to release a free variant of my Notion Page Display plugin. This variant will allow you to pull public pages on your Notion and display them on your website.

DEMO | Plugin Page | My Site | Documentation

Some good use-cases

  • You’re a plugin developer, and you have documentation for a specific plugin you’d like attached to your demo page with a few clicks.
  • You have team pages you want to utilize on your Bubble apps but don’t want to re-create or try to copy over existing data (no use to doing things more than once if you don’t need to, right?).
  • Utilize the minimalistic representation of Notions unique UI and build your site off of those.
  • Harness the power of quickly loaded content and pages without using your servers’ resources.

:white_check_mark: External API for all of the work
:white_check_mark: Low WU Usage

Instructions for use:

Please refer to documentation for a better explanation.

Place the “[GC] PageDisplay” element on your Bubble app, then supply it with the Page ID of your Notion Document. It’s that simple!*

*Make sure your Notion page is set to public.

If you want to be able to pull private pages, please look into getting my Notion plugin, Full Notion.

Thank you guys! Have a wonderful day, and I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do. If you need anything custom, or if there are issues, let me know.

I will be keeping the functionality limited on the free version.


  • Might look into a way to prevent certain content from being pulled up. Role specific access type thing based on elements you have on your Notion. Not sure how I’d target them though.

good plugin

Thank you! Hope all is working out for you.

Hey there. The plugin doesn’t seem to display tables/databases. Is this something that is going to be added? Thank you!

As of right now, it’s not possible with the plugin. I’ll incorporate that functionality on my premium version. With the premium version you can just use the API to get your database content and render out what you want how you want it. It’s the best way to do it in my opinion. In the near future I’ll update my API to render out the blocks and create an element that can render them. That will have to be manually built which will take time. For now the best bet is to just grab the data and render it the way you want with my Full Notion plugin.

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FYI your demo is down

A server error has occurred FUNCTION_INVOCATION_FAILED

Looking into it now.

– Looks like my server hasn’t restarted since I released the plugin. Restarted and it’s good to go.