Forum Academy Marketplace Showcase Pricing Features killing my speed?

What is and why is it hanging my app right now?

Having the same problem here. Thank God, it wasn’t just me.

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What makes you guys think that unpkg is what is hanging your apps?

That’s what the bottom of the browser said it was waiting on, and is currently down.

It is up to me here, maybe it is something else blocking it?

No I was able to determine it’s because I plug-in I use, uses to host a couple of their files.

I use that provider in a plugin too, do you see some code if you access[email protected]/leaflet-mapbox-gl.js or does it says offline?
Currently I can see the code just fine by accessing that URL.

Was having the same issue with an app. Not sure what caused it but it didn’t affect all my projects.

It seems to be resolved now. When I googled “ uptime” I found the status page that said they were down.

A lot of people recommend not using for your plugins because of their uptime issues.