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"Unsubscribe" Link In Bubble Emails

I have set up a notification system in Bubble based around a radius of the person’s inputted zip code.

How do I set up or configure an Unsubscribe link inside these notification emails so that they can unsubscribe without being a user of the application yet?

Bump on this thread.

@emmanuel if you could advise that would be great.

Have a page that you link to via the unsubscribe link.

Pass in the unique ID of the under to the URL.

On the unsubscribe page, pull in the userid parameter and unsubscribe them.

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The problem is they aren’t a user of the system yet…

The only data on them in the system is a “notifcation” thing containing an email for them, and a zip code to search against.

Can you send the ID of the notification then ? Same process.

You can have any data in the notification thing, since you define the field (though if you’re thinking about doing mass emailing, I would use MailChimp or other stuff).

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Can we connect Mailchimp in a way that it connects to Actions in Bubble though?

Mailchimp will talk to Bubble via Zapier, And vice versa.

So you could call an unsubscribe Bubble API from a Mailchimp unsubscribe.

But can we trigger an Action against the list inside mailchimp to send dynamic content out with details on other Things?

I don’t think this would be possible.

I have two scenarios/uses for the email 1) a notification on a New Thing posted where an email is sent to them with the details of that post and 2) a general newsletter list.

You should have the email address to pass ?

Maybe am mistaken.

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