Unvoice - Creating a WhatsApp Transcription Bot with Bubble

Hey there!

I recently launched a chatbot called Unvoice, built while using bubble (mostly) as a backend). Unvoice is a privacy-first service offering to transcript your whatsapp voice notes in seconds

You can try it here yourself: https://unvoice.online

Some background:
I came up with this idea for Unvoice when I realized I needed a way to transcribe voice messages I received, mainly because I’m often stuck in meetings where I can’t really listen to them and I was always deeply curious what they might be about.

I had a blast putting Unvoice together using these tools:

  • Bubble (for user signup & management)
  • CloudConvert (transcribing the initial voice message from .ogg to .mp3)
  • Whisper (transcribing the .mp3 voice message into text)
  • Twilio (As WhatsApp bot)
  • Stripe (For payments)

It took me about a week to get everything working smoothly, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Even after 2+ years working in Bubble, I’m still amazed by how fast you can set things up. Want to see how it works? Check this video out here Unvoice - Your Whatsapp Transcription - How it works - YouTube (I hope my service is better than my screen capture editing skills :smiley: )

Now, I’m curious to see how people respond to it and if there’s a market for this kind of tool. I know WhatsApp might eventually have a built-in transcription feature, but in the meantime, Unvoice is here to help, and I’ve learned a ton while creating it.

I hope you find it useful and enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed building it! Would highly appreciate any feedback you might have!