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Unwanted scroll to mid page at page load

Hi, if I understand correctly, when I reload a page the browser remembers the scroll value and, after the page is reloaded, it takes the page to the original scroll level.
I tried to set a workflow:
when page loaded (entire) > scroll to page with offset 0
but it didn’t work. The page still loads at mid level. The weird thing is that if I use the debugger step by step it works, making me think that the problem has to do with timing. I then added a pause:
when page loaded (entire) > pause 2 sec > scroll to page with offset 0
I this case sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t but I’m sure I’m not getting something.
Does anybody have a clue?

I paste here the solution in case other bubblers have the same problem.

My page has floating group on the top (a header) with 50px height. Right below there’s a group with the content of the page that starts at +50px.

I solved making sure that the latter starts at 0 px and the header overlaps it.

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