[Upcoming Change] Planned move from bubble.is -> bubble.io on 9/4

Hi all,

We’re planning to move our homepage from https://bubble.io to https://bubble.io on Wed Sept 4th. This has been in the works for a while (many people try to reach us at bubble.io, since .is is an unusual domain suffix). We are eager to do the switchover, because completion of this project is a technical dependency for another project that we’re even more excited about: we plan to roll out free Cloudflare coverage to all Bubble users on the main cluster who opt into it.

We’ve had a number of Bubble customers deploy Cloudflare on their own sites, which is beneficial because of their security and DDoS protection, and bandwidth and network management. Managing Cloudflare yourself is somewhat technical and error-prone (we’ve had quite a few apps go down because of mismatches between Cloudflare and Bubble configuration), so we’re happy to be able to provide fully managed coverage on our customers’ behalf.

We still have a bit more work to do before Cloudflare is ready to go live, but completing the switchover to bubble.io is one of the key milestones. The plan is to to start redirecting traffic from bubble.is to bubble.io at approximately 10 or 11 am ET on 9/4.

This should not have direct impact on user apps: apps without a custom domain will still be hosted at [appname].bubbleapps.io. We plan to continue redirecting bubble.is to bubble.io for the indefinite future, and emails at both domains will work (so you will be able to reach us at both [email protected] and [email protected]). Note that because we can’t share login cookies across domains, you will be logged out of the editor when we do the switchover, and will have to log back in. It should be safe to be actively working in Bubble at the time of the switchover, but be mindful of the red “Saving…” indicator, pause work, and refresh the page if it looks like changes are no longer being persisted.

Once we’ve switched our homepage over, we will begin switching over our various bubble.is subdomains (such as forum.bubble.io and status.bubble.is) over following days. In all cases, we will have the bubble.is subdomain redirect to the bubble.io domain.

Note for dedicated customers: switching your dedicated clusters domains to bubble.io (e.g., d2.bubble.is -> d2.bubble.io) and setting up Cloudflare requires substantial additional technical work on our end because of the way we manage dedicated clusters. So it may be a few months before we roll this out to dedicated. In the interim, we’ll be happy to give you technical support with setting up self-managed Cloudflare, but we won’t be able to provide it automatically or for free until we complete the work on our end.

We have an extensive testing plan to prepare for a smooth transition to bubble.io; that said, with an infrastructure switch like this there’s always the possibility of unknown-unknowns. We will do our best to make things as seamless as possible and to fix any issues that do arise swiftly. We appreciate your patience, and look forward to getting these projects completed!



Just checking this will not affect Stripe - as I recall this has a return auth URL?



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Yeah, it uses https://bubble.io/poststripeauth to support the register user as seller action. This is on our list to test and confirm that it will still work after the rollout (we’re going to try to redirect it, but if that breaks the flow, we might just create a permanent exception and serve it as is). Once we do the switchover, you’ll be able to change the url to https://bubble.io/poststripeauth, but it will keep working even if you don’t.

Same thing with https://bubble.io/api/1.1/oauth_redirect, which is used for some of our authentication flows (for Google single-sign on): we’ll keep it working as bubble.is, but encourage people to switch over to bubble.io


Reminder that this is happening tomorrow

Do we have specific task to do for us to move to bubble.io? Sorry, new member here. Still learning bubble and the project I’m currently working is on bubble.is. Thank you

Awesome! When the cloadflare support is going to be available?

Hi @shu.teopengco , there’s nothing you need to do specifically. This is just a heads-up. The one thing that will affect you is that you will be logged out of the Bubble editor when the switchover happens, and will have to re-enter your password.

@boostsalesgroup – we don’t have a rollout ETA yet, but I’d estimate 2 weeks - 1 month from now

Ok cool. Does the cloudflare integration mean that nameservers needs to point to cloudflare or how is it handeled?

repeatedly shows error on refresh, its a cloud flare thing

same. some images showing access denied, sometimes editor won’t load.
Am leaving for now and will check tomorrow to see if any updates/works.

also getting this issue above

Sorry about that, guys, it looks like there was a temporary burst of errors last night. We’re investigating today to see what caused that / how to prevent it from happening again