Bubble.is changed to bubble.io

I see @Bubble is pushing everything to the domain name bubble.io

It’s strange but it look so much better.


It wasn’t very well done though. Bubble.is just stopped working. My app just stopped working, and I was in the middle of adding a new page and it just hung. Then I couldn’t access the forums.

Well, I didn’t have experienced any real problems except 1Password which did not automatically find my login for Bubble.

A thing which surprised me, I did not know about the switch. I totally missed the announcement.

me too - I also didn’t see the announcement (I mentioned on Twitter that this sort of thing maybe should be shared as an in-editor announcement) and I also could not get 1Password to log me in.

I actually initially thought their DNS had been hijacked or something.

I was kinda hoping they would switch to bubble.me :sweat_smile:

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or bubble.er if that’s even possible.