Upcoming Plugins! List Swapper | TabbyNav - Get lifetime access **

Hello friends! Got two plugins in the pipelines right now, and just inquiring about feedback. These will be released on the BubbleAppolis network.


A highly customizable “tab-orientated” navigation bar. You can control it with your keyboard, has triggers, and states.

Why TabbyNav?

I created this because there are no tab plugins that have this specific interface. I needed something for my client where people can utilize their keyboard and switch pages/tabs just like that. Not only that, but I am able to dynamically add notification alerts, and add tabs in a very efficient matter without needing to deal with workflows or states. It just works.

List Swapper

You now can create dynamic lists that dont need extra groups for conditionals to hide if you want to swap items around. Good for chat messages and adding flavor to your lists.


Why List Swapper?

When you make a list, you can do this manually if you want sure, but you need to create extra groups or elements to hide/show using conditionals. With this method, you now no longer will need to do that. You’ll have to still rely on conditionally setting the swap mechanic, but the process will be more efficient without you needing to setup additional groups to hide/show on that fact, because this will just swap the items for you.

**These two plugins are submitted for release but are still in development phase. For that, I am willing to give some of you Bubblers free access to the plugins forever. Please visit the BubbleAppolis Discord or shoot a reply here if you’re interested.