Update a repeating group with one button - nightmare!

Hi everyone,

I am at the point of pulling my hair out as cannot get this issue resolved!

I have am trying to create an automated rota by doing the following:

I create a user account and then want to be able to load a page that has a repeating group pulling data from a table named DaysoftheYear. This table has a row for each day of the year with the day name, date, week number, rota week number, day of the year from 1 - 365.

Within this repeating group I have added a drop down menu to the row which has a value (In, Off, Sick, Holiday, etc).

On the page I have an input with the User Unique ID.

I also have a 14 drop downs for each day of the two week rota.

Week 1 - Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Week 2 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

When I change any of these dropdowns I want the relevant dropdowns in the list to change to the relevant rota week no.

For example … 1st Jan 2022 is a saturday. Our rota week is week 1. So when I change Week 1 Mon dropdown. The dropdown in the row Jan 1st will change the display to the Week 1 Mon.

All this I can do fine!

What I want to be able to do is to then ADD each row of the date/week no/user unique ID, and the updated rota status to a table called RotaTable.

This is so we can create an automated rota by clicking one button.

I cannot find a way to add each row of the repeating group dayoftheyear with the added rota dropdown to the table RotaTable.

I have been looking at tons of tutorials for API workflows on a list but the examples do not relate to what I want to do and I am stuck as cannot get it to work.

I did an original process where I had to set up 365 dropdowns on a page. I then used the 2 week dropdown to choose their rota pattern which updated the relevant dropdowns. I then had to add 365 workflows for each adding the data such as date, rota dropdown status, dayoftheyear and the user ID. This has stopped working and was a nightmare to complete.

Please can someone help me?

Thank you in advance!

Well the fact no one has responded suggests how limited Bubble is as a “No-code” development platform. I have wasted weeks trying to come up with a solution and tried so many different things to get around what should be a very easy and simple task! Very few tutorials showing the concepts … rather than specific tutorials unrelated to my end goals. You email support only to be sent a generic email saying to check this place out … only to have no reply.

I have 2 personal plans open which could have been turned into much more if I had achieved my aims. I will have to look at closing them now as I have literally had enough. What bubble provides in ease of use and time saving … is ruined by lack of tutorials and full steps. You save time one place only to loose more somewhere else.

The fact you cannot edit data on a repeating group is something so basic and common and yet Bubble fails to provide this.

Too frustrating to complete my project and so I am defeated!


You are giving up too easy. It’s a bit of a misnomer to believe that because Bubble is “no code” that it means “no learning”. You have to commit the time to learn the platform. I read over your post a week ago when you posted it, but your question wasn’t clearly described in your post. Consequently, I declined to comment. I assume, others declined to comment for the same reason.

Don’t give up on Bubble so quickly, it is a powerful tool. The documentation for Bubble can be sorely lacking in some areas, but you have to be willing to push through the difficulties and find a solution.

Restate your question or provide screen captures of your workflows. Give us more information to help you and you might find someone willing to help you over the hurdle. I can assure you that Bubble can handle the problem you are presenting. However, everyone here is working on their own projects and no one has time to figure out your solution for you, limitations in Bubble are not the problem.

Bubble definitely has limitations and poor documentation in some areas. However, the reason no one responded is primarily due to your inability to clearly describe your problem.