Update all the Repeating Group content with One button

I am developing the project in which RG has two to three Input fields with the value from database.
When the value is edited I want to update the value in the database.

I want to do it with One Single Button (SAVE) for all the Cells (List) in Repeating Group.

I don’t want to have Button (SAVE) in each cell to update the data in database for each cell separately.
Also I don’t want to save it in database with Input value (Current cell) changed event

Please help me to get a solution for updating the changed values in Database from the RepeatingGroup List
with One Button.

You’re likely going to need to use the “Run an API Workflow on a List” feature to make this happen.

In one the Forum topic they were creating another input field with autobinding.
And when we press SAVE they are copying the value edited by user to the input field with autobinding.
then data will be get saved.
I am working to find a way to copy the content from one input filed to another input field in a repeating group can you help me on this?

I am trying to update the input contains in the Repeating Group with the Button (SAVE) outside RG.
by using API Workflow on a List.

but When trying to create API Work flow I am able select only RepeatingGroup list not able to write a logic
to change the Database with the Input value (new edited value) inside RG.

Can some one help how to update input value in the RG by clicking the button outside RG list.

Were you able to find a solution to this? It seems like this would be a basic feature.

Hi. Were you able to find a solution?

Hey @robert,

I’m assuming you don’t want to use auto-binding or workflows to update the records as they change, which would be easier than the below but doesn’t achieve the same user experience.

That being said, I seriously hope somebody posts a simpler solution, but the following works:

Basically, we are going to temporarily store the input values contained within the repeating group in a custom state (type text.) Its value will be the _id of record we are updating followed by a pipe symbol, then then new value. (This solution breaks if your data has pipe’s. :slight_smile: )

We then have a triggering event that fires off if that custom state has records in it AND a second custom state has been set to yes – this will be done by the button outside of the repeating group.

Looks like this:

An expression element concatenates the cells unique id with the input value

When any input value is changed, we add it to a custom state using the Expression value

To trigger the save, we set a custom state to yes

The following triggers any time there are records to be save, and the perform update state is yes

When triggered, we schedule an api on a list – the list of records to update from the custom state

We extract the values we need from the values in the list:

And we reset the perform update back to No:

And also clear the dirty records:

The api we call gets the id and new value

And updates the data thing (in my example, a thing called random) by searching for the unique id

Like I said, I’m really hoping somebody chimes in with a better solution!

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I found this: Drag - Drop Reorder Your Repeating Group

Check out Phil’s solution from abt 20 days ago. It appears to be the solution. Testing it now, but do far, so good.
Links to his demo:

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Looks like I’ve completed misunderstood what you were looking for…the original post was not about drag and drop ordering, but rather, saving input fields within a repeating group all at once.

Glad you got what you needed though!

Sorry, yes, I was looking for related solutions that I could apply to this particular problem. My mistake.

Has anyone found any easier solution than this??

or @mebeingken did you ever find anything easier than this??


Did you have success with getting this to work?