Update API Key from Workflow


I have an API key that needs to be updated every two weeks. Bubble gives the option for “Secret” or Hidden" in the plugin creation. I need a public option I believe.

Otherwise, I only have the option to update from the plugin area within the app’s editor. This is manual and need to have it be automated.

By “automated”, I mean having it in a workflow like this:

This will save me from the need to update every two weeks. Also helpful to those looking to build scalable Bubble applications.

Thank you,

@tyler7 sorry what exactly is your question? As you’ve pointed out - ‘public’ is what you need to set this to.

You can then set up an API workflow that schedules itself every two weeks to update the API key.

Please see the first screenshot - there isn’t an option for “public”

@tyler7 got it.

Unfortunately it seems you can’t define a ‘shared header for all calls’ as public, but if you define the header in the individual call, you will be able to choose public.

Unsure why you can’t define a shared header for all calls as public - seems like maybe an oversight.

When I add as “Public” in an individual call, I get the result of the third screenshot where it asks me to “Enter your API key”, which prevents me from doing it from a workflow…

It will show you this button if there is a field in your plugins tab for this plugin which is empty.

Make sure you have filled out all the fields in the plugins tab.

Pushed the update from the plugin but forgot to do it in-app. Nice! Thank you for you help