Update app data after post data via api


We are using an API to create new products on the app.
I want to take the new product ID and update it into another table’s app data.
For instant:
→ We have a category data type
→ We will post a new product with a field that contains the category name.
→ Then I’d like to take the category name from the posted data and search for the relevant category in the category app data.
→ Then update the new category with another product ID in the relevant field (list of products).

I believe it can be done with backend workflow → API workflow.

However, I could not find a way to search and update the relevant.

I would appreciate some tips.

Have you considered using an Option Set for Category rather than a table. Assuming you are just using that table for applying category tags to your products, then Option Sets might be a better solution. When you set up the API, you can then set the field type for category to the Option Set. Bubble will look up the correct option via the text string you pass.