Update data in a repeating group from external api , without refresh

good morning to all guys. I am faced with a new issue.
I find myself in the situation where I have to make a POST call to my external api to save some contacts in a customer’s address book.
Now normally when the post is successful, if I don’t refresh the page, the data in the repeating group is not updated (the data of the repeating group is always taken from an external api in GET). If I update the page instead, everything is ok, I take the new data and see the contacts added correctly. Now I would like this to happen without necessarily refreshing the page.
For as a solution I did this:

in practice, after the contact has been added, I recall the call in GET again and pass the new data to the repeating group.
The problem is that, in order to use the GET call in the workflow, I had to set this in the API connector :

Now setting them as ACTION, in my repeating group the source data disappears giving me this error

To be able to use it again as a data source, I must necessarily set the call again in “USE AS DATA”

Now by doing this everything works, however if I need to reuse the get call again in the workflow to update the data in some other component, I would have to do this same “trick”, otherwise I would not be able to use it. I ask you, am I doing something wrong? Or is it a bug of the api connector? Why doesn’t it let me use get calls set as “as data” in the workflow?

I could duplicate the call and use it once as “action” and once as “data”, but frankly it doesn’t seem like the best solution.

No bug. You just need to get your head around between sourcing data when you are in an element’s data source vs. using data when you want an instruction to happen in a workflow.

so you can confirm that I have to duplicate the calls ? Using it once as a data and once as an action?

Unfortunately that’s the way Bubble has it set up… would be really helpful if it would allow an API to be both Action and Data…

In my case I did create two instances of the same API, one as DATA and the other as ACTION.

I only suggest you use slightly different names for them, otherwise its a mess trying to figure out the right data types.