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API Connector - Use as 'Data' vs 'Action' and refreshing a RepeatingGroup

I am using the API Connector to GET some data and display it in a RepeatingGroup element. In the RepeatingGroup element, the ‘Type of Content’ and ‘Data source’ options are set to the API. In order to do this, the API GET Entry must be configured to ‘Use as’ Data in the plugin. If it’s set to ‘Use as’ Action, then it won’t show as an option in the Repeating Group data source.

However, to refresh the RepeatingGroup after an update is made to the API data, I am using a workflow to run the GET call again and then set the results back to the RepeatingGroup. The issue is in a workflow action, only API’s with ‘Use as’ Action will show as an option. So, I have to temporarily change the API configuration to ‘Use as’ Action (which causes an issue) and put it in the workflow, then change it back to ‘Use as’ Data to get rid of the issue that shows in red.

Is there an easier way to tell the RepeatingGroup to refresh its API data or is there a way to have an API call show as both ‘Use as’ data and action?

I think you can have the same API call twice in the API connector as both a GET and a POST. ie

Regards making an API call to refresh somehow without an action to make it occur - I have no idea how that action could be trigger (an event around a change in an external system) Would live know if anyone else had any bright ideas?

Would love to hear any ideas.

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Hi and thanks for the response. I don’t think you can use two different API calls because bubble will show an issue when trying to use the results of the ‘action’ API call as the source of a RepeatingGroup setup to use the ‘Data’ API call. I believe bubble sees the two API calls as different data types so they are not interchangeable.