Update data in field with the API's when we click on submit button

i have repeating group in that there are fields like
First name
last name
email id

In that I have put a button when we click on that button it navigates to popup in that it display status (Active or inactive) I want to change the status when I click on the submit button status should be changed and navigate to previous page.

Seems like you could just use a Go to previous page action in the When button is clicked workflow?

but the data has to be changed & data should be updated

Then just include a Make changes to Thing action as step 1, and Go to previous page as step 2

I have repeating group & I want to search FirstName in search box and it should filters the name which we texted in search box and display the those names data.
Can u help

@sandeep.m that’s a different issue and you should open a new topic for it
In a few words you’ll need to use the Search & Autocomplete plugin. Watch this video to learn how to do it

Thanks bro

hello ambroisedlg i need help from you can you please help for me
how to hide groups when we create number groups in one page
actual i have created menu’s and sub menu’s.
when i click on menu option all the groups are displaying in one menu itself