Deleting and Sending data through pages using dropdown

Hello everyone. I’m not sure how to explain my idea, but i’ll try my best.
So, basically i have 2 pages. In one of them, i have a dropdown, in the other page i have a Group that displays dropdown’s value. When dropdown value is changed, a new thing is created, which shows up on the group (other page), and basically adds up every value on the group.
I want so that when the value is changed in the dropdown, it would delete the previous value in the group and add the new one.
For example, dropdown has value “BC” (1st page), which shows up on the group (2nd page) because a new thing is created, what i want, is when i change BC to something else, it deletes the BC on the 2nd page and adds the new value in to the group, so it doesn’t add-up and stack the values, but just deletes the previous ones and adds the new ones.

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I don’t quite follow you.

When you say Group do you mean Repeating Group?

The description makes it sound like any change to the dropdown’s value will result in only that value appearing on the second page since the previous value (all previous values) would be removed.

I think it would help a lot if you could provide some images and a description of the business purpose.


Hello, Laurence.
By the Group i actually mean the Group in the “Containers” section.

About the description part, that is what i want to achieve, but i can’t because i’m not aware how.

Page one:

Page two:

So, basically what i’m currently getting, is that the new data (things) are being created on the 2nd page, even though i want the previous value to be deleted so it only stays in this situation “Statewise”.
Here’s an example of how it stacks up (not what i want):

Page 1:

Page 2:

If you have any more questions, be sure to ask,

yeah I have the same problem too. the app is stacking all new inputs instead of updating to the new value.

For example if it’s a product name: apple; then I update the product name (to banana) on the input form the app is returning apple banana. Instead of just banana

Please tell me if you find a solution to this

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Exactly as @cudakwashe said . :smile:

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What is the workflow when the dropdown’s value changes?

How are you currently passing the dropdown’s value to page 2?

haha @Chriss looks like we said the same thing at the same time :joy: Jinx!?

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If I may just join the conversation @Laurence; this is how I am doing it

And I am using a Do search for… to get the Thing on the other page

Thanks for the quick reply, @laurence.
Here are the screenshots of workflows.

Here is the “Group” i was talking about (2nd page):

Here is the dynamic text, that displays the value that is in the dropdown (2nd page):

Here is the original workflow for dropdown. The workflow is located in the 1st page:

I used “Create a new thing” to send it through the pages without problems.

Awaiting your reply,

Oh yeah. :joy:
Glad to see someone with the same problem, atleast making friends here, haha

haha yeah true. It’s a little annoying though, because I wasn’t expecting to get stuck on such a small thing. I bet we are overlooking something silly

Yeah, exactly. I was messing around with it for quite some time, but couldn’t figure out the solution,

Me too. This I have actually been stuck on this for a couple days now. It was actually bothering me so much I couldn’t be asked dealing with it. I am low key thinking about just learning JavaScript.

As you can see in the screenshot, i tried to use “Delete thing” method, as i actually created it, but Bubble doesn’t offer me such option to delete the previous thing, and create a new one after.

Great to hear, good luck. I am actually not experienced so much with Bubble stuff itself, but i understand it. For example this situation, i see what i want, i see what i COULD do, but i am just stuck. I’m actually being stuck at all these small situations, the big ones might take some thinking, but i usually work those out. I’ve been on Bubble for couple months, i understand the basics (i try to anyway) but i am also making a pretty complicated app, which has made me ask questions quite frequently here, on Bubble forums.

Thanks man. I think, I find the bigger things easier to do too and then just one small think will trip me up. Do you mind telling what kinda app you’re building looks like something to with the weather forecast from the snippets you’ve sent. do you know any programming languages by any chance

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Haha, nah. I’m building a CAD/MDT System for roleplaying. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a lot of those here on Bubble as Bubble is the main website to create ones. :smile:
And i totally agree, every time that one small thing will mess up my progress and can take even days to fix it properly without any problems.


I’m still not clear on what the business case or use case it. Many times, it’s essential to understand the “why” in order to get to the best “how”.

That said, what was omitted from the illustrations you provided is what is actually happening in the Search for AOP’s AOPP. Without selecting for a single item in the list that results from a search, you’ll be working with a list of one or more results of the search. In your scenario, you may be getting multiple AOPPs after the first one was added.

In the actual search, you might want to sort by Created Date and in the group’s appearance, filter for :first item or :last item.

Again, since I can’t see everything that’s going on in your app’s elements, I may have misunderstood something fundamental. Even so, hopefully, my answer provides the right food for thought.

Hey Laurence,
If you are unsure, i could possibly give you access to my app for you to understand correctly what’s going on. Thanks for the information, i didn’t quite get you on the group’s appearance though. I understood the “:first or :last item”, but i am unaware what “source” i should put in when selecting one of the two.

If you give me access, I’ll see what I can figure out. Direct message if you don’t want to share with the world. Be sure to set Application Rights to to Everyone can view or Everyone can edit. (Settings > General > Privacy & Security)

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