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Update data items to today's date

Hello! I’m building workflow so that when I click a button that’s within a group, it will update the current items within the group with today’s date.

My thought was [When Button is Clicked] > [Make Changes to a Thing] > [Change Repeating Groups Article’s List of Articles Date Last Viewed] … But after that I’m prompted to further filter [:count, contains, :first item, etc.] where I think I’d just want an option to [update Date Last Viewed to Current Day/Time].

Thanks for your suggestions!

Can you please recreate the situation on the public forum app? It will make it easier for us to understand.

I got this to work. I was trying to fit it all in “LIST TO CHANGE” whereas I need to:

[When Button is Clicked] > [Make Changes to a list of Things] > Under [List to Change] I set it to [RepeatingGroup Thing’s List of Things] then pressed the button [+Change a value] to add [Date last viewed = Current Date/Time].