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Use condition in RG based on current date

Maybe im using the wrong approach to accomplish this but I cant seem to select the current date in a condition for a date in a repeating group.

Basically what i want is to change the font color of the current item when the date = current date or date > current date. The last one is no issue, but there is no equal to in the condition list. A simple text element, input or date input all return the same options.

Any thoughts?

Isn’t there a ‘is’ at the top of the list?


It doesnt matter if I make it a Text or Input. I also tried to reference the Date thing or This Input but the list stays the same.

@emmanuel, would you happen to have an update on this? or perhaps a workaround? To me it feels like the ‘=’ function should be available? Is there a reason it isnt?

Why don’t you use extract for now and compare on this?