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[Update March 5, 2020] BDK Native Apps v1.7 released

Actually, my stupid mistake. I forgot to choose the correct choice under “Select Target Option”.

I should have chosen “One Device” but I had left it on the default which I think was many devices.

Thanks again for your time/help earlier.

Looking forward to hacking with BDK more and eventually converting into a paying customer hopefully soon once I get the hang of things. Have been waiting for this for Bubble for literally years now. Appreciate your work!


Any idea if payment within apps will be supported ?

Hi @gaurav, I’m really enjoying the plugin - it works brilliantly.

Quick question - with the Alert, is it possible to stop a workflow if ‘Cancel’ is clicked? At the moment, “Ok” and “Cancel” both seem to do the same thing?, which is hide the alert and allow the workflow to continue.

Ok is also usually on the right-hand side, I think - could we perhaps have the option to swap the order?

Hi @gaurav - a follow-up on this - how does the BN - Go Back button work? I have a screen where the back button on the header takes the user back, but the workflow BN - Go Back doesn’t do anything - is it necessary to run another workflow step to make it work?

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Do you have a rough ETA for when audio recording will be ready?
In general, is there a roadmap with rough ETA’s for BDK?

Hi @gaurav, last one from me today - device storage: Is is possible to change the type of storage from text? Use case is to cache a repeating group’s contents from an API call - based on this Caching API calls in Bubble possible? - this way when the app has gone to the trouble of loading data, that data could be stored on the device and only updated the next time if the user expressly requests it. I imagine this would be good for page loading times?

Using the blog post methodology, it is possible to get the results of the RepeatingGroup stored as a page element state, but not to store it on the device:

If at this point, we could store the RepeatingGroup’s contents, when the page is loaded next time, we could load the repeating group from those contents instead - truly making use of the device storage without code!

This might already be possible, using your BDK Utilities RepeatingGroup to JSON and back again - if so, do you think you could post a tutorial?


Does the geolocation tracking work even when the user doesn’t have the app open? (Thinking of using BDK to build a location based social app and hoping to show users who are presently nearby but may not have the app open or running)

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Hi @davewliu,
Since your bubble app will need to be active to be able to receive the geolocation data, I’m afraid that it won’t work while the app is in the background.

Feature request: It would be cool to have a health data integrated in from iOS and Android

Hi @dos,

Currently the use of device storage from your bubble plugin is limited to text type of data. Technically its more tricky to read / write other data content from your bubble app.

A workaround is for you to build custom bubble plugins to convert your data into text formats (e.g. base64 stings for images) and other way around if this is a critical requirement for your own. I hope to build in image and video storage features at some point but its unlikely in the near term

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Hi @davewliu,
Actually its’ nearly there. I’ve successfully tested the feature. However, thinking of ways to make it easier to ask permissions on android as audio recording requires both microphone and external storage permission. I’m targeting to have it released in next few weeks.

Thank you! Appreciate the feedback

Planning to add that but have got a long list of feature requests at the moment

Good idea. It could work by adding an element which can be used to set alert content and run your defined element actions when ok is clicked or cancel is clicked. It shouldn’t be too difficult so I’ll add this to near-term features.

It should simulate clicking the back icon when its visible. If it’s not doing that then seems like a bug. I’ll take a look.

At the moment, no publicly available roadmap as I try to combine quick wins with more in-demand features. The overarching idea is to have good set of new features come out regularly. I try to avoid putting a public roadmap since it is feels unwise to set expectations and then not be able to deliver on them due to unforeseen bugs :frowning:


Hey! I have been testing with select Select photo function on iOS but it only works once and I need to restart the app. How should I run the reset event correctly after first file is uploaded or is there a bug somewhere? It seems to work on android but not on iOS.

Hi @gaurav

Thank you. It’s working now!

Everybody loves the man standing behind his product!



Are there any recurrent payments when using BDK native?

I’ve tested it and seems to be working perfectly fine (and no one else has reported the issue).

  1. Verify if the same issue occurs in the demo app (simply go the ‘select photo from gallery’ section and try it). If it does, then its’ an issue with the bdk native code. If it doesn’t, then its probably something to do with your workflow setup
  2. Check to make sure you have set up the image upload endpoint as described in the ‘Getting started’ section in the plugin documentation
  3. You can use the ‘Reset contents’ element action for the select photo element to reset the content

If you still face the issue, please DM with a screen recording of the issue and screenshots of your setup workflow.

Hi @eren,

  1. Navigate to the ‘device / GPS tracking’ section in the demo app and click Track GPS. It will show the latitude, longitude (both coordinates as provided by the device) and the address (obtained by the installed bubble plugin)
  2. The BN-GPSLocation A element outputs latitude, longitude coordinates received from native device and the converted address from google. Output the coordinates in some text on your page and see if the are not empty & similar to the ones obtained in step #1. If yes, then the native app is providing the right coordinates to your bubble app
  3. Type the latitude,longitude in on your browser and see where it takes you. If this is the same as the one shown in the google map in your app then its showing the right location on your app.

Regarding the “current geographic position”, that’s not related to BDK Native. Its’ your browser webview asking for the geoposition. Android operating system suppresses the browser geolocation requests hence you’re seeing the null value. I can’t set the value of that since its bubble’s inbuilt data field and not a plugin field.

If you still face the issue, please DM me with a screen recording of these and we can take it from there.

Hi @koechamos51,
Not sure I understand the question fully, but in-app payments aren’t yet supported.

[Update August 8, 2019]

Native Apps (bdk) Plugin update (available to all users):

  • Got rid of all the complex image upload endpoint setup in API workflow tab. This was previously used to upload natively captured image data to your bubble app storage
  • Take screenshot, Select photo from gallery, Capture photo from camera now use bubble provided file upload functions instead
  • Updated plugin docs to reflect the same
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I am asking any recurrent payments to BDK after deployment to have the app in the app store not app internal payment.