Bubble App to Android & IOS App

Hi there!

I know this topic has been touched on a couple of times but i’m still struggling to get a straight answer. I want to know how i can get my bubble app onto IOS and Android, I want to know if there’s a way to even make the bubble app an APK and IPA file.

I also want to know if you guys know any nice wrappers as well that are fairly priced. If there are any free methods as well that would be super helpful. My app is nearing its finished stages but i’m just stuck on how to get it onto the App Store as well as the Play Store.

Thank you!

Unfortunately there is no free wrapping tool. You may check BDK or Natively.

I know bubble recently announced that you will be able to do this natively soon.

I checked out Natively it seemed pretty nice, Do you have any experience on it and how responsive it is?

Yeah! I heard the announcement and i’m super excited for it, just not sure how long i’d have to wait for it. The dilemma i’m in is do I just go for another method or wait for bubble to do its thing and release this fantastic update as it’s something crucial. I honestly prefer the way bubble works compared to flutter flow but flutter flow allows direct IOS and Android capabilities which might be a dealbreaker for many people

Yes, we do have,

I would wait, you don’t want to repeat efforts if you will eventually leverage bubble native solution for this. It does seem like this will be coming out in the near future though, so I don’t think you’ll have to wait too long.

how was the experience like?

fair enough honestly i’ll have a look at what the best options are, hopefully they release the update soon

While waiting for the release of native app updates, I strongly recommend using Android Studio. Honestly, I wouldn’t advise using an online tool that converts websites into apps; it’s better to stick with the raw code. There are plenty of tutorials online that teach how to incorporate your web page into your Android Studio app.

With Android Studio, you’ll have complete control, and it’s 100% free. For example, here’s a use case: Early in my Bubble journey, I used sites that converted my websites into APKs, but I encountered an issue where these APKs wouldn’t open my video player in full screen on mobile. Nothing could fix it, and my app became obsolete. I switched to Android Studio and managed to solve the problem by copying and pasting a small code snippet from the internet that enabled full screen for videos. Additionally, you can fully configure splash screens, integrate native AdMob ads, and include most features that a native app can have.

As for iOS, I’m not really sure; I think things are more complicated for iOS.

However, I would definitely wait for Bubble’s update that will allow for native app development, as it will likely be better than any alternative someone could suggest.

ilI really appreciate your insight! I definitely agree, i’ve been super hesitant with using another site that converts the website into an app. I guess i’ll just wait for the update and just continue to improve the app in the meantime.

Ill look into Android studio as well, thanks for the suggestion!

Looks like I was wrong - just got this email from Gregory John at Bubble. He is saying that Bubble Mobile wont come anytime soon.

Oh nooo thats sad :frowning: