Bubble application upgrade HELP!

I just upgraded my bubble application to version 11 and now it’s not working. The “edit” button, page drop down (add a new page), and the help button does’t work. Anyone experiencing the same thing??? I can’t do any work right now.


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Seems like the same issue here:

Maybe try reverting to Version 10 to see if it’s a version control thing?

thanks for your response. I have no idea how to do that. Can you direct me?

Go to Settings > Version > Revert to Version 10

Thanks, but it doesn’t even give me this option. Im PISSED!!!

Oop… try reporting it as a bug? Maybe the more bug reports reported the more attention? Pinging @eve

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@eve Please help!!

Yeah… I believe she’s the success associate on call today because I received a reply from her early this morning

Hello folks,

As usual, bug reports, please and thanks! Please do also try clearing your cache – I’m not able to reproduce this behavior in a test app.

Issues across app versions from v.5 up to latest.
Many of the issues I’m seeing are browser related (bubble specific issues, but different behaviour in different browsers). And I’ve never had a resolution from Bubble regarding those type of issues. “try different browser” is the go to reply.

Hello folks,

Thanks for your reports! Our team pushed a fix for this as of this morning; please do let us know if you’re still seeing any issues in your apps!

Hi Eve,

Thank you! I am no longer having this issue, however I am having another issue with my floating groups and not being able to see any of my work I’ve done since the “fix”. When I check the debugger all of my elements say “invisible”, but yet all are set to be “visible when page load”. I am very very frustrated and stuck right now.

Sorry to hear about this! If you haven’t already done so, please submit a bug report so that our team can look into this. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue on my app… did you manage to find a solution?

which issue? I listed two. The first one where I couldn’t go to another page, create another page, use the help button, or edit button has been restored in the “fix” that was done a couple days ago.

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