"Update User Credentials" in a backend workflow?

Hey everyone!

Is it possible to use the User workflow action “Update User Credentials” to change a User’s password on a backend workflow?

I have it set up in an app using a database trigger event, with two steps executed before it (so I know the DB trigger is working) but the step almost gets ignored by Bubble and doesn’t appear in the logs. For security reasons, I would like to do it server-side.

@emmanuel any idea on this?

How are you defining the old password, and new password/email address etc. if you’re running the action from a database trigger workflow?

I don’t whether its a best practice or not but i was able to change the password of user when its role changes…
Of course, it can be done in other ways too but i tried using database trigger

I know what the password is because I set a default value (don’t let the user input it) on the User sign up flow. Then I just set that value as the current password in the workflow.