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Although I have seen different posts it is not clear how can I update the db of a Bubble app (ie Users). What are the ways? Can somehow write an sql query? Is an update functionality? Maybe a plugin.

Please help as I have to update 235,000 users…


The best way will be to use backend workflows.

You can divide the lists into 4 or 5, and run the backend workflow 4 or 5 times on each lists.

Simply use the “New view” button under “App Data” to modify your user table, then run backend workflow on each modified lists to update whatever you wanna update.

I wouldn’t do this as it runs on the client side. For 250,000 Users, a recursive backend workflow is probably better. So, a backend workflow that takes a User parameter, makes changes to the User, then schedules the same workflow to run again.

Slow unfortunately, but the alternative is scheduling API workflow on a list about 25 times from the front end (probably don’t schedule more than 10,000 per action). So you might Schedule API workflow on list Do a search for Users:items until 10,000, then the same for items from 10,001 to 20,000 etc

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Actually this is what I meant, creating a backend workflow and running it from the DB. But it’s good to seperate the users in groups of 4 or 5 and run on each group of users.

Running this on client side isn’t the correct way to do it.

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Running it from the editor is on the client side. The browser essentially sends batches of 20 (might have increased since the bulk data performance improvements) Schedule API workflow on Lists. This is on the client side.

Edit to add from Bubble docs:

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It is clear choosing the table in the DB eg Users and run a backend workflow.
I am not sure that is answered the following question.
In user table I have a field which is ‘soccer team’. I have an external csv with the footbal team per user. I want to update User in Bubble with the data from this external csv.
How it is supposed to be done?