Updated Default Styles for New Apps and Placeholder Colors on Inputs

We just launched a set of new default styles for new apps. Apps will now come with preset styles that apply color variables with unified theming across elements. You can now change your app’s color variables and watch the colors change throughout the default styles. This poses no change to existing apps’ styles.

In addition, the placeholder colors property has been updated to use the new color picker. You can now set placeholder colors on inputs to any color you’d prefer.

Happy building :slight_smile:


Nice one!


Lovely! Heads up that the color picker doesn’t allow you to select the color variables if there is a property textbox behind it:
Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 10.55.44 AM

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I also observed this.

Thanks for the heads up! Can you please file a bug report here and we’ll take a look: Support | Bubble

Great! Now I’m going to have to start a new project.


That’ awesome.

Any plans to rollout for all apps?

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A late update - but this should be resolved now!

Looks good

Muito bacana!