[Updated] DialogGPT now supports custom personas

Hey there, innovative Bubblers!

DialogGPT just got more powerful and cool.

A ChatGPT based bot that actually behaves like a real chatbot. Use chatGPT on your website to answer questions without creating a separate page and configuring confusing workflows.

DialogGPT chatbot provides a chatbot interface by default that is powered by OpenAPI’s ChatGPT. You just need to drop the plugin on your bubble page and supply the parameters.


  1. Drag and drop ChatBot
  2. Real chatbot interface. No need to create separate page in your Bubble app.
  3. Create your own chatbot persona use Specialized AI personas like “Career Counsellor”, “Travel Advisor”, “Life Coach”, etc. that can help you answer your questions better.
  4. Customizable UI
  5. Remembers Context of the conversation. Responds to follow up questions on the topic.
  6. Up to 3 Configurable prompts
  7. Choose between ChatGPT Models
  8. Use your own ChatGPT API key

Fully configure your Chatbot with the following:

  1. Change/Update Chatbot Logo
  2. Change/Update Chatbot Name
  3. Change/Update Prompts
  4. Change/Update header text/background
  5. Change/Update Chatbot welcome message

and more…


To view the demo app in a ChatGPT chatbot-style interface, see here:


To view the editor for this page, see here:

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