Updated my external dynamique datas

Hey everyone. I’ve been facing an issue that I can’t seem to resolve for a while now.

Let me explain:

I currently have code hosted on AWS that runs continuously. This code fetches dynamic data (the price and volume of certain financial assets). With this code, I’m able to send the correct data to my Bubble database using Bubble’s Data API. However, I can’t seem to update this data automatically within the Bubble application. I can only add additional rows but not modify an existing row automatically (the price and volume for example), every 30 seconds for instance.

Would anyone have a method, a tip, or something to help me with this, please?

You can use the PATCH request with the Thing’s unique id. Does this not work?

Also, storing and updating financial data in your database will use heaps of WU compared to making an API call to get the data only when you need it.


Thank you for your reply. I will try again.

Indeed, you advise me to develop an API hosted on AWS that will be connected to Bubble’s API connector?

Do the POST & PATCH functions have to be present in my code or in the configuration of my API on Bubble (I’m new to programming and I’m trying to learn more about this).

If you have any videos that would help me understand this better, that would be great! Thanks