[updated plugin] alert bundle

Alert Bundle Plugin for Bubble

The Alert Bundle is an user-friendly plugin designed for the Bubble platform. Built with JavaScript, this plugin aims to simplify user interactions within your application and enhance the overall user experience.

The Alert Bundle offers three unique types of alerts:

1. Simple Alert: This alert type provides a quick and straightforward way to inform your users any necessary information. It comes with customizable messages to suit the specific needs of your application.
2. Confirmation Dialog: This alert feature serves as a decision gateway, ensuring that users are completely certain before they proceed with an action. It is particularly beneficial for actions that may have significant consequences or cannot be undone.
3. Text Prompt: With the text prompt alert, you can ask users for input or feedback, making the interaction more engaging and personalized. It can be used for various purposes.

The Alert Bundle is designed for simple requirements where advanced UI is not necessary. It aims to simplify the process of integrating alerts within your Bubble applications, making it easier for developers to create more interactive and engaging experiences.

With its easy-to-implement nature and adaptability, the Alert Bundle plugin is a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline user engagement and interaction within their Bubble applications.

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