[UPDATED] Ultimate Email Plugin - Drag & Drop Email Builder, Bulk Sending, Merge Tags, Multi-lingual, Easier content, AI writing, and more!

Sorry, just saw you already addressed this.

The ‘do when’ approach only works if the template is created before loading any other template though.

Is it possible to add a ‘clear json/html’ action instead? Or else what’s the recommended workaround?

I’ve been waiting for an export event from them, unfortunately nothing yet.

I break up my workflow so the UX handles it and conditions aren’t needed. For example in my demo. Export starts when save is clicked, it shows a popup requiring a name. Within the 2+ seconds it takes the user to input a name it’s already exported. Even a “saving” loading screen that’s 3-5 sec would handle it fine. Exporting consistently takes 500-3000ms rarely longer.

My demo page is on free plan so I auto delete records every time it comes close to limit but in 3 yrs the demo page hasn’t had blank exports due to the UX.

Additionally you can run a conditional that’s a bit more complex. When you select a template to edit saves state of “selected template” the save action is do when not empty & builder HTML <> selected template HTML.

Hi Chris,

We have an issue with the Html when we send it to sendgrid.

We set up and API call / Post in the API conector and it works with just text like “hallo word” and also with a simple formatation test like"

Hello from Twilio SendGrid!


When I now use the html as the content in a workflow nothing arrives to the mail.
to check it, we tested it also with postmark, but it has the same issue.
Normal text is ok and some formated text is also ok .
But when replacing the text content with the html, we get an error.

the error message:
“errors”: [
“message”: “Bad Request”,
“field”: null,
“help”: null

We have some html emails from “openbuilding framework” so I tried these ones in the workflow to check the workflow himself, it is running correctly.
These ones are sent without issue.
We tried also the html of the example on your plugin. We have the same problem, it is not arriving.

Do we need to format the html or something like that ?
Could you please help us with this issue.

I see there a difference when I check the html string.
here the last lines of the framework html:

bottom:20px;margin-right:0;margin-left:0;color:#96a2b3;font-size:14px;line-height:21px;"></p></td></tr></table> </td></tr></table> </td></tr></table></body></html>

there is everwhere the \ in the string, can this be the issue ?

I’m going to need more info, I will send you a private message.
We do use send grid to send these emails in one of my client’s apps so can confirm it works.
Chat soon!

Is it possible for users to to generate “plain” emails if desired with this builder?

Templates are nice, but sometimes an email that looks like it was typed manually performs better.

We currently provide only “plain” emails to our users, so we’ll need to be able to continue support for these.

@aj11 Not exactly, it’s more so on your app setup side.

In my apps like CRMs that have both options I let them select between plain or HTML builder when setting up the campaign content or email creation.

Similar to hubspot when they click to compose they chose which type. If it’s an HTML email it will render builder. If it is plain it renders a rich text input.

You can use plain text email actions to send those and use a conditional to dictate which action will run or for simplicity so I don’t have to have conditionals I just use the HTML export from the rich text plugin and send that as the content.

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Thanks Chris. I did try the conditional approach with compares the custom state template html with builder html but it wouldn’t fire. Have you seen this working in your own apps?

I may try again just to double-check it’s not something my side.

Either way - what about having a ‘clear json/html’ action? This would make this scenario easier to handle as I’d just clear the builder when a new template is added. It looks like unlayer have a function for this here.

Additionally, any chance you could expose the Design updated event (so we can do autosaving of a loaded template)?

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That function is just rerendering a blank design, it does not reset the builder itself. However it will reset the merge tags. Rather best option is just storing a blank template in your DB that’s on brand with your app and using the “load template after initialization” you’ll get the same experience as loading blank function they provide without the downsides.

Also, running a clear action won’t result in a fix for saving before export. Your app will need to address that safety net either in UX or conditionals.

I have, I’ll verify setup and DM you screenshots when I have time today or tomorrow.

This has been on the planned update list for a few months. If it’s a feature of urgent need we can discuss in DM on cost and timeframe however at this current time its still in the backlog.

If you’re still having issues with export send me a DM and we can setup a free 30 min consult to help you resolve.

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Thanks Chris. All makes sense. Appreciated!

Hi @chris.williamson1996 , thanks for developing this plugin, it is a great product overall. However, we are facing some issues with the AI Image generator, where it is very slow and getting stuck when we ask to upload the image to the email, after selecting it. I tested in the demo app and the problem is happening there as well. I have contacted Unlayer and they could not reproduce the problem there. I used the editor in their page and it is quite fast and not getting stuch. Can you please help?

Hmmm it may be bubble related can you send me a loom video or similar so I can Attempt to reproduce? Please send via private message.