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Updating a specific single Field in a List


I’m having trouble updating a single specific field in a list. I created a forum app page here:

Essentially, I have a “Ideas” which have multiple associated Hypotheses. I want the user to be able to update one of the hypothesis for their Idea. See my data structure below.

I have a Data Type “Hyptothesis”, which has the following fields:

  • RelatedIdea: which is of type Data Type = “Idea”
  • Hypothesis: Data Type = text

I have a Data Type “Idea”, which has the following fields:

  • KeyHypotheses: Data Type = a list of “Hypothesis”

For example (and see the forum app link above), assume I wanted to edit the first Hypothesis for a particular Idea. My challenge is, when my workflow runs to “make changes to a thing”, and I search for the Current Page Idea’s KeyHypothesis Item#1 and I then change field Hypothesis with the value of the user’s Input, it doesn’t seem to change the KeyHypothesis Item#1 but instead just adds a new item to the list. How do I instead get it to update the item?


Could you put the data items in there ? It is hard to see what you are needing without them.


I put the data items in the forum app.


I think we are going to struggle a little with the way you have set this up, “item #1” is likely to be a bit random (i.e. it isn’t consistently going to be the same thing each time).

Sort of see what you are trying to do, so you have 5 “slots” that get filled up. But they don’t exist to start with.

The issue is adding new Hypothesis to your Idea…

So I have done an alternate way on the way, with an “Add” button. Then you can edit the things.

Not sure if that is quite what you want, but we can use it as a starting point. Not sure I can get it to work in the way you have designed it. Repeating Groups will be the way that bubble handles this best.

Thanks, I really appreciate you taking a look and you totally explained why it wasn’t working. I didn’t realize that the list items were not stored in the same location. Given there is an “item#” option (and also a “random item”) I figured I could address an item in a list if I knew its location. I was trying to avoid a repeating group, but I think you’re right that is the best option (or creating 5 fields, 1 for each hypothesis).

As an alternative you could have 5 x field set to type Hypothesis (rather than a list).