Updating a users' last message send date

Hi there, I’m trying to create a basic workflow that updates a users’ last_email_send date with the current datetime whenever a user in the chat sends a message. The field last_email_send is a date type and I’ve set the trigger as occurring when the send button is pressed by any of the chat’s users. Seems very straightforward but Bubble isn’t updating the data last_email_send in the database. Seems like a bug? Any suggestions?

What is the condition on your workflow that triggers this? I assume you’re using a “do when condition is true” front end action rather than a “trigger on data change” back end action?

Heya, I just trigger this when the send button is clicked. The rest of the workflow is triggering (I send notification emails further down the flow which executes fine), only this step seems to be failing

Have you used the debugger in step-by-step mode to see what it says is happening on that step? I would guess it’s a privacy issue, or maybe the state is clearing before the action that updates the data runs.

In data → privacy is there a condition that allows for the user to see the chat data type and the receiving user data type? To update “popup chat’s chat’s receiver” the logged in user will need to be able to see the “receiver” field on the “chat”.

Thanks for the help! Looks like it’s the privacy issue, I made visible the creator and receiver and the date logs :slight_smile:

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