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Updating/Displaying Date field as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm

I’m trying to store the date/time that a record was updated in a field in the database. I created it as a Date field and I can edit it to change the date (but not time). Then I created two text fields on a page. One does a search against the last update and sets the formatting for the date. The second does a search against the field and formats it as “9:22 PM”. What I noticed is that for some reason the time text is being set to “12:00 AM”. I see this reflected in the database as well, but when I try to edit the field it only lets me change the date, not the time.

To get around this I’m sure I can just store the last updated time in a text field, but I don’t really want to do that if there is a way to edit the time being set in the date field. Is this possible?


Can you use the forum_app to have a public version of this? That’d be easier for us to help there.